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Innocent Fun

Cappy Jack ©2003

“Hey, man, how are you doing? I haven’t seen you at the Green House for a few days.”

“I just got back from Den Bosh. I went to Carnival and guess what? I am ‘his Royal Highness Prince Amadeiro Ricosto di Carnavallo, Knight of the Kasam, Lord and Master of Oeteldonk’, heh, heh, heh.”

“What’s that, man?”

"I remember all that stuff because I had to say it over and over for the last two days. One and a half, really, it was over Tuesday afternoon. I’m bushed. But I had a blast. Got laid twice. Drank a lot of good beer and had fun with a capitol “F”.”

“Sounds like it, man. What did you have to do to get laid?”

“This is the spooky part. Nothing, man, I just got lucky, the chicks came to me.”

“Come on.”

“No, really, the first chick, Wilma, had a husband who told me flat out that sex wasn’t part of Carnival. This is just before his wife asks me to stay for Carnival tomorrow, sleep at their house, no problem. I figured it was just friendly and said, ‘yes’. Besides, she looked like Loni Anderson in her blond wig. They were both giving me the scoop on Oeteldonk and the clubs and the Farmer statue, really sounded like fun. I didn’t know about Prince Carnival until that night.”

“Yeh? What happened?”

“Well, Jos gets knackered around nine. We were in a packed bar, loud music, and I had been drinking, too, when Wilma says, ‘Time to go.’ We walked to their house and Wilma shows me around. My room is a small one seperated by a big bathroom, nice shower, tall shower head, I like that. Anyway, Jos hits the sheets, I decide to shower and say, ‘Goodnight’. I’m just finished when Wilma pops in the shower naked. She was a true blond with a beautiful body. Tan all over except for white circles around her nipples. She must wear pasties in the tanning salon.  She puts her finger to her lips to shoosh me and goes for it.”

“Oh, man, you have to be kidding me.”

“No, really, she sucks me up while the shower keeps my ass warm. Then she turns around, bends over, looks back and says, “Will you be Prince Carnival? I mean, like she has my dick head touching her pussy, I just said, ‘yes’. Oh! It was so fine.”

“Bareback, man?”

“Nah, she put a rubber on me, a cock ring, too, she was hot. Her bush had an exclamation cut. Her clit, the point, red and proud. I took her doggy style standing up. She rubbed her clit until she had enough, reached back and squeezed my balls. I came in buckets. She was huffing and mewing like a cat. She took the rubber off and washed it, man. I think she reused it. The next morning she acted like nothing had happened. Her husband was hung over, didn’t say much. She did all the talking, made breakfast, gave me his underware and socks to wear. We were back in town by eleven. Then I found out what I agreed to. The square was packed and we made our way all the way down to the front. Wilma and Jos were coaching me to act proud, puff my chest out and stuff. I was smiling to beat the band. Before I knew it I was crowned Prince Carnival. Put a red robe around my shoulders, a medallion around my neck and a scepter with a frog on top. I read a proclamation to the crowd in Dutch. They howled at my pronunciation. I only remember the title part cause they addressed me over and over whenever they talked to me. Wilma and Jos are part of the Madeira Club, I think it is. Anyway, they were part of my retinue. Now I had to act the part. What a lot of fun. They paraded me through the streets, took me into bars where I sat on funny thrones built just for the Prince. The medallion turned out to be a gong and whenever I rang it they had to listen to my command. I bought drinks for the house, mostly, but banished some guys as well. That was funny, they would point to someone, I would banish him in Dutch, and they would drag him outside. Only did it to one woman, and boy, was she surprised. I might have got a little out of hand. They kept feeding me beers and krokets, I turned down the candy.”

“So, you got to bang Wilma again, right?”

“You won’t believe Monday night. Same scene, crowded bars, loud, singing along to music I never heard before. Everybody seems to know the words. This time Marten gets knackered. He’s the husband of Manon, another couple in our retinue. She asks me to help get him home. I’m bushed, too, but want to help and we go out draped with Marten all but passed out. We catch a wagon, I don’t know how to describe it. Just a little taxi for the tiny streets. Anyhow it takes us to their home and I help her get him upstairs to bed. She takes his shoes off and we leave him and go downstairs. She makes some coffee and we sit in the living room on a big sofa. Pretty soon she has her hand on my stomach and kisses me with some honey lips, I tell ya.”

“Another looker?”

“Man, she had gorgious long auburn hair and skin so fair her hands looked like marble. She undressed me, playing with my cock all the time then took her clothes off in a hurry. Wow! Her nipples were red and her bush the same auburn color as her eyebrows and just as wild. Where Wilma was a D cup athlete, Manon is a B cup tiger. Long arms and legs, she skrunched down on my lap with her legs open, still playing with my hard on. By now she has the head glistening with ooze, man, it felt great. Get this, when she puts my cock up against her pussy, she says, ‘Will you kiss the frog?’ What the hell is that? I didn’t care, I said, ‘yes’”

"Right on man. Did you go down on her?”

“That’s not what the frog was but let me tell you I fucked her bare back.”

“Hey, what the…”

“She looked so clean, almost virginal, that I let her. She got up on me and ground away. I swear she had the head of my dick against her cervix when I came. Her lips were glued to mine and, I swear, I think she came,too. Her nipples were real hard and she rubbed them against my chest just pushing her breasts together real soft like. The noise was real nice, a tiger growl; like she appreciated it or something. The next morning, same thing, nice breakfast, hungover husband and fresh undies.  We were in the square by eleven again. Get this. Her Mother tells me  that morning that Manon and Marten are having trouble conceiving a child. What do you make of that?”

“Spooky, dude, did you kiss the frog?”

“I said I would. You wouldn’t believe the closing ceremony. I’m up front on the platform, waving goodbye to people streaming in to wave back at me. The burgermeister brings up a big red cushion with a frog on it. Somebody’s pet, for sure, it just sat there. Must have been two kilos. He raises the cushion to me chest high. I’ve got the crown on, the red robe, the gong around my neck and the scepter held high. I see Manon giving me the pantomine to lean over and kiss it. I did. I just planted a big old wet kiss on that frog’s lips in front of the whole town. They went wild. It was great.”

"Lucky you.”

“Tell me about it. Hey! You want this patch? They gave me this before I left. The crest is pure Oeteldonk, here is the Carnival year and look, a little gold crown in the corner, only  Prince Carnival has this one, give it to your kid.”











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