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 Thoughts that have occurred...

    I Wander

To keep it or throw it away?

Big or small, precious or common, they all face that decision from us.

For they are just objects connected to us for a time.

Whether they stick or not is your own business.


Hide them or show them off? You can keep things for yourself.

The importance of that shows your care in bringing your treasured memories along with you.

How many others see is a measure of another sort; private versus public.

In all the venues that we travel in, ours or others, our keepers tell the tale.


Proud flesh leads them all with the first to see face to face.

Family all knowing brings up the best we have to offer.

Neighborhood peaceful and pleasant to linger…

In longing for one minute more.

     I Wonder



Tip Toeing Through the Tombstones


Our Fear of the Unknown can be answered in one of two ways.


Oh! For Goodness Sakes!

Ah! What the Hell!


On the one hand we do our best to do what is right…

And on the other we follow our instinct and hope that it feels good.




The lawlessness of the parking lot pretty much defines what is right about America ; attempts to control us as a group works pretty well, but the rogue hair rises in some people; often with predictable results.


            Then freedom gives us the right to act as we please no matter if it pleases the group. Only be prepared to pay the consequences when you are caught. “In Jersey anything is legal as long as you don’t get caught.” Bob Dylan got it right.


            Get. Get away. Get away with it. All variations of our personal freedom are suspect outside of the norm. But we don’t care and can forgive transgressions for the most part.


            But lawlessness in religion cannot coexist. Since the straight and narrow is just that, we have to conform to our image. For that is what being true to oneself is all about. The proof is in the pudding aptly reflects an image of our justification for our actions. Reputation can only come with age….too bad!


Turn the other cheek….

            What charity can we show to the people who attack us; especially if they are all dead? What force can change the events or make us safe again?  Nothing can change the events but we can change their expectations. They feed on the expectation that we will reply in kind. We can be as evil as they acted. But it does not have to be so….

            To avenge any of us who are wronged doesn’t require acts too unkind for normal people. We needn’t act as they do and commit acts of evil….in fact, we should not.

            To turn the other cheek does not imply weakness…just an ability to accept others behavior and prepare for the worst. Next time, however, we just might be prepared and ready to defend ourselves. And defend ourselves we realize might mean resorting to the act of killing just like they do but with a different purpose. That difference is paramount in understanding why we must not act as they do, but rise above it and only fight off evil for the good of us all.

            Killing does not give us any right to victory but relieves us of the responsibility to face this test again; but only for the evil in front of us and not for the next one in line. And the wound it leaves in the whole lot of us can only heal with the love for each other that outpours in the aftermath…soon forgotten by most…but remembered by the few touched directly. And that is what memorials are all about.

Lying to be kind


Oh! I don’t know. If only I did.

It wasn’t so obvious as you might think. Oh! No.

Killing them with kindness was no joke. It was a philosophy with me for a while.

“Kill’em with kindness” came out of me more times than I like to remember. I believed in it then. But I realize now that lying doesn’t get you anywhere anyway… Never too late and I liked that idea. Christian ideal of forgiveness never left me till now.


If the truth be told…then I’m lying…again and without reason. No matter. I only want to survive. Just join all the others who never feel.

August 2007

Children as triggers           

            I was offended while watching a very smart man demonstrate AJAX extensions in Microsoft Visual Studio over the Internet. He was logically building a bridge with servers and clients, new words for slave and master. What he showed me onscreen was a popup window where at the top of the list of commands was, ”ChildrenAsTriggers”. This made me think of mankind’s misuse of their young. The paradigm of child and parent in nesting might just as easily been top and bottom in ascending but we echo our humanity in our logic. And using children as triggers is all very normal, nay, at the top of the list, but he didn’t use one in his “ToDo List”, the application he built, but seeing it offered offended me.

            Why BottomsAsTriggers does not offend me is because I abstract the firing aspect of triggers back to where it belongs with the logic of ascending and not our family nest, not our children. A trigger does not always belong to a weapon, but all weapons have a trigger and the association between children and weapons is repulsive to me.

October 2007

     Here are the song lyrics I wrote in collaboration with Andrew Jones for Leon James, lead singer of General Electric Paradise. Play it for me, Leon!

     Wakey Play


One day you wake up

In the bottom of your mind

Look around and wonder

Am I still fine?


Beating emptiness in your heart

Where’s it go? Why not start?

Sand slipping through your hands

No one understands!


Time for me!

In heartbreak or heaven sent…



It’s alright

It’s alright

It’s alright

It’s OK


One day you stare into

The rest of your mind

Gather the memories

You left behind


Being taken from you

Did it start? Is it through?

See night turn into day

Not fade away


There will be a final ray,

Sun ends with me, I say




S’all right to fight against the memories;

That keep you up all night

OK to say

Forget about yesterday


Go into tomorrow

With memories, smiles

Forget about the sorrow

Time to play!


Recent Sculpture 
  "Sleutel Bloem", 2007, steel / copper, 88 cm high
or "Unlocking Life's Mysteries", as my friend, Roger Thomes describes it.

Recent Design

Book cover for the poet, Andrew J. Jones using a coaster drawing -2007.

Recent Collaboration

The Zeurotic Manifesto

Prevailing evolution. We bumble with science into which we venture and believe that chaos can predict the want to die.

Only because we are a new millennium, we have reset our minds to the zero of the complex manifestation of face value; give us back our tribes, our actual existence.

We are skeptical as we can filter through so many inputs. We look for peaceful means. Whatever thought we share, we care about ourselves; no time to limit our ability to make mistakes seeing the mirrors that keep us exponentially through evolution’s novelty.

This is a fearlessness with an absence of fear.

When the self imposed cognitive Y2K and the physical boundaries explode through every area, ours is the same. Want is to continue, arbitrary.

You are Zeurotic, you have it physical. What used to be the will to live the want to control, we reserve the right to it all.

Cappy Jack,  Andrew J. Jones--2007

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