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American  Artist /  Engineer/ Author/  Teacher (1947 - present and accounted for...)
Self-propelled, self-induced, self-contained; the results of my efforts from 2001 are here for writing and here in the painting and drawing categorys.

GE  Energy - Continuous Emissions Monitoring Service, Hatfield, Pa. (1992- 2001)

(formerly Enertec, Inc.,  then KVB-Enertec, Inc. and now a division of the General Electric Company)

       One of the originators of Continuous Emissions Monitoring Systems (CEMS), the company enjoyed explosive growth as a result of the Clean Air Act and   specifically the EPA 40 CFR 60  & the EPA 40 CFR 75  regulations for stack emissions.  Integrator of stack gas analyzers, PLC’s and computers. GE bought the company just after I left.


    Support CEMS via remote access and on site visits. The Company ported the CEMS software to Windows NT 4.0 SP 5 in 1998. Software support was via PcAnyWhere and remote client software (proprietary). I was heavily involved in the conversion of customers software (including converting Sybase database from Unix to NT) and hardware to support their CEMS. This was also an upgrade to a new regulatory requirement for reporting. On site visits were typically for closing  or rescuing projects. 


    Direct the team effort with Project Engineers to build, test & install custom solutions to meeting State and Federal regulations.  Design & program the configuration of CEM systems using SCO UNIX, X-Windows (Kinesix Sammi Gui), DBVista & Sybase databases, shell and ISQL scripting, PLC programming including , CEMSpeak (an Enertec developed high level interpreted language) and ladder logic. Mentor new engineers into the project cycle.  Primary customer contact for all aspects of multiple projects.

    Accomplishments include managing the largest single customer (PEPCO) with multiple sites including Chalk Point Generating Station. This CEMS includes 11 PLC’s on a token ring network that communicate serially to a LAN that includes a DAHS server and remote terminals with 8 points of serial (modem) access. Implementation of the only 40CFR52 regulatory CEMS for the Salt River Project Navajo Generating Station. This multiple year project, government operated,  CEMS incorporates the most advanced features available including LAN & WAN access, FAX server and multiple serial access with password security. Automated report generation, analyzer troubleshooting via serial links, interrelationships of three DAHS servers with automatic calculated data regeneration on Operator selected periods. 


    Multiple project responsibility with each project integrating stack gas analyzers, PLC’s (Allen Bradley & GE 90/30), & UNIX based PC’s for Data Acquisition. Combining multiple PC’s and PLC’s with Ethernet  & Token ring LANs including fiber optic paths. Setting up remote access with Distributed Control Systems (Foxboro, Honeywell, Bailey), Windows computers, or dumb terminals using a variety of protocols.  Major functions included: specifying systems, writing protocol documents & functional specifications, purchasing all materials, Unix system administration,  programming DAHS, PLC’s and associated devices (including analog and digital discrete devices), configure EPA reporting, and field installation, training and troubleshooting. 

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Customer reaction to work

AGRICOLA , Gwynedd, Pa.  (1988-1992)

Sculptor / Designer   

   Free lance design work ranging from sculpture to functional objects. Assignments included designing decks,cabanas,furniture,and exotic sculptural metalwork.  Responsible for initiating  sales, designing  products, and all aspects of producing  products. 

work experience

Johnson Atelier, Mercerville, N.J. (1983 - 1988)
     A Technical Institute of sculpture which teaches apprentices the skills to produce sculpture. One of the largest art foundries in the
United States. Capable of a wide range of processes. Certified Vo-Tech school in the State of New Jersey.

Staff Member (1984 - 1988)  

   Responsible for other staff and apprentices. Duties included Founder of the ceramic shell foundry,production quotas,delivery performance,budget reporting, ordering supplies, qualify inventory, safety reporting,and examining apprentices.

Apprentice (1983-1984)

   Learn the techniques of fine art casting using ceramic shell and sand molds. Introduced the casting of pure copper and refined natural material casting process.

work experience

letter of recomendation

Precision Tube Company, North Wales, Pa. (1971 - 1983)
    A manufacturer of specification non-ferrous tubing with a reputation for producing the highest quality and technically difficult products. Employs 160 people. Sales > 17 million/year.

Product Manager    (1979-1983)

    Profit and budget responsibility for approx. 8 million in sales. Managed 100+ people with 15 reporting direct. Directly involved in sales, production control, and inspection of products. Duties included: developing quotations, assisting technical sales,production innovations,resolving quality conflicts.

Sales Engineer    (1976-1978)

    Responsible for customer contact and thorough understanding of the application for the product. Covered a five state area with 135+ accounts. Assisted in pricing policy,delivery performance.I programmed my first personal computer to price and compute the complex engineering steps to produce tubing.

Project Engineer    (1971-1975)

   Responsible for specification,installation,operation, design and modification of capital equipment. Duties included developing operating parameters, training crewmembers, supervising operation and analyzing results.

work experience

personal computer work


Montgomery County Community College (1991-1992) "C & C++" programming  languages.

Lehigh University (1972-1977)  Mathematics and Computer Science

Penn State-Ogontz Campus (1970-1973) Mathematics 

Penn State-University Park Campus (1965-1967) Business  Administration

Perkiomen School (1963 -1965) preparatory boarding school 

see writing:category:school for more. 


USMC  (1967-1969)  Served in the Republic of Viet Nam as a rifleman.  Walked point, ran radar and acted as the demo man for the platoon after 3 days training. Ran ops, ambushes, skated to China Beach a few times stationed in the rocket belt south of Danang. Served at Khe Sahn and Quang Tri Province; saw action on the river that makes the border between North & South. Honorable  discharge with  citations including Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry. Early out six months before two year enlistment ended because of MOS (0311).

See writing:category:Viet Nam for more.


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